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The latest news on our Shool Project in Sierra Leone

Pastor and Mrs Boysie Wartmann work so hard by sacrificing their time, resources and finance to bring this School building in Kono to almost completion, and they are looking for any support from the public as this is a FREE EDUCATION scheme for the less privileged family and kids.

This is the newly erected building which was officially opened for both School/Church on the 13th January 2018 by General Overseer Boysie .P Wartmann during his visit to Freetown , Sierra Leone....

This project is financed by second hand/Used items collected from Council Clean-ups / from Gumtree/Individuals and sent to Sierra Leone in Containers ......( The School presently comprises of 184 enrolled less privileged Children.( some are orphans) Teachers also need monthly allowances, so all this is on our shoulders and without these container items we cant operate. 


We are on the verge in adopting kids who were made orphans due to the flood in Sierra Leone in August 2017, and we are would like to accommodate more and educate them freely if we have support from the public, so please if you are moved contact us through the contact page form...

Remain blessed.

We are looking forward to establish more schools in the neighboring villages... and building a temple in the near future by the special grace of the Almighty God. Any support from you will be a blessing for you and your generation to come. Presently God is touching members of the Headquarter in Sydney to fund and support this branch by sending variety of items in containers as part contents.( That is the whole container does not belong to us, but we ask people who are sending goods to help us put some items for the branches)

The schools are completely FREE EDUCATION as most of the kids lost their parents during the EBOLA crisis..our pressure now is how to at least give the teachers incentives on a monthly basis, as they are spending their time, effort, knowledge and experience to educate these kids.....So we are appealing to the public to support in whatever way they can through the contact page or directly to the school authorities in Sierra Leone...Partnership is Highly welcome..

The Church (God’s Covenant Ministry) is finalizing her registration as a Non-Governmental Organization soonest, though she is Non Profitable as well. We are planning to mobilize resources in the form of financial donations, materials, and volunteer labor in order to sustain our projects and programs (IE: Schools and other Branches of the Church overseas). This is a complex process, and we are on the verge to possess a headquarter bureaucracy and field staffs in the near future. Fundraising is still necessary, but on a smaller scale and serves the symbolic function of strengthening the donors' identification with the cause. Persuading people to donate their time is more important; as a successful campaigning NGO we have the ability to mobilize large numbers of people for certain issues and events, and also trying to engage in fundraising, mobilization of work by supporters, organizing special events, cultivating the media and administering a headquarters. We will be moving into campaigning when the impact of the projects seems to be insufficient

Aims and Objectives

We seek to "achieve small-scale change directly through projects" and mobilize financial resources, materials, and volunteers to create localized programs. We will be holding large-scale fundraising events and may apply to governments and organizations for grants or contracts to raise money for projects and at the same time operate in a hierarchical structure; a main headquarter being staffed by professionals who plan projects, create budgets, keep accounts, and report and communicate with operational fieldworkers who work directly on projects.( all part of our agenda )

As an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) we will deal with a wide range of issues, but are most often associated with the delivery of services or environmental issues, emergency relief, and public welfare, which will be categorized by the division into relief-oriented versus development-oriented organizations; according to how we are going to stress service delivery or participation; whether they are religious or secular; and whether they are more public- or private-oriented. Although we are community-based at the moment, we will move internationally when the registration is complete because defining activity of operational NGOs is the implementation of projects.

We have donated a lot to the needy and still going on, and will keep going as long as we have the resources from the public.( The uniforms the school is using was donated by a uniform seller in Regents park 2143 and may God bless him immensely ( This supply will last for 4 years.)

We are supporting the needy from these free stuffs, whilst saving money for our Government( Australia) that is suppose to be used for council recycling and at the same time help Cleaning our beautiful Country(Australia) and receiving blessings from these needy as they appreciate so much.

Public relations

We are trying to build healthy relationships with the public to meet their goals as foundations and charities use sophisticated public relations campaigns to raise funds, Interest groups may be of political importance because of their ability to influence social and political outcomes.


God's Covenant Ministry


General Overseer Boysie P. Wartmann
Pastor | JP | Marriage Celebrant | Case Manager 

Mobile 0432 026 182
Int: +61 432026182

13/364 Park Rd, Regents Park
NSW 2143
(3 minutes walk from station)

JP service:
Weekdays: After 5pm daily
(Wednesdays exempted)
Please call to book an appointment

Mrs Margaret Ruth Wartmann( Head Mother)
0401 256 507 

Kadiatu Daramy
0435 215 592

Regina Z Juana
0402 934 093

Pastor Sydney Bernard Hill
Pastor in Charge
0402 724 690

Sierra Leone

Pastor Solomon & Pastor Nicholson of Kono Branch (Sierra Leone)

Prophet Elisha H Kargbo
+232 77 296 131

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