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Prayer is a method of communication by means of which any soul on earth may present his/her requests to Yahweh the Almighty God of Israel. Most forms of communication, such as the telephone, radio, television or data transmission by computer, can breakdown and messages do not get through. The system of prayer, though operating on an infinitely higher plane than any man-made telecommunication system, is no exception. It can also breakdown. But, in some strange way, even though prayer operates on an infinitely higher level than, to correct faults in prayer is easier by far than repairing the telephone or fixing a computer. What's more the parameters of prayer are extremely simple:
Meet God’s spiritual conditions, ask in Messiah's Name (Jesus) and your prayers will be answered, and that to your utter amazement. Ignore His conditions and most of your prayers will go unheeded, even though you were to employ a million words in an attempt to gain His attention.
Here then is a brief outline of the spiritual parameters, conditions and guarantees of answered prayer. Put them into practice and your life will be immeasurably blessed. Ignore them and you will live in a world of spiritual darkness, never really understanding where in this universe you fit and what is the purpose of your existence.


God's Covenant Ministry


General Overseer Boysie P. Wartmann
Pastor | JP | Marriage Celebrant | Case Manager 

Email: overseer_gcm@yahoo.com
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13/364 Park Rd, Regents Park
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JP service:
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(Wednesdays exempted)
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Mrs Margaret Ruth Wartmann( Head Mother)
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Kadiatu Daramy
0435 215 592

Regina Z Juana
0402 934 093  

Pastor Sydney Bernard Hill
Pastor in Charge
0402 724 690

Sierra Leone

Pastor Solomon & Pastor Nicholson of Kono Branch (Sierra Leone)

Prophet Elisha H Kargbo
+232 77 296 131